INNESENTI - Designed from scratch using Formula 1 and Indy Car Racing Technology buying shares we’ve created an incredibly fast machine, with awesome braking and handling. Carefully thought out and tested ergonomics coupled to an unbelievably comfortable seat make the the most practical man powered sports machine in the world.


From a quick evening run to 100 + mile rides you can take brokers with low minimum deposit advantage of its performance or simply cruise along at a leisurely pace on a lovely day surveying the world before you.  Imagine sitting on an incredibly comfortable sofa riding down the road with a full 180 degree panorama view before you.  Ergonomically designed for maximum performance and comfort you see the world in a new light because each machine is set up specifically for each customer.  It is a vastly different experience from riding a bicycle.  The machine absorbs road shock and vibration while you become incredibly forex trading south africa fit and healthy in complete comfort.  Not even the most expensive gyms come close.  It is also ideal for maximising your heart rate for fat burning to lose weight, or simply keeping a high level of fitness.